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Chasing the Dream

Chasing the Dream

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Audio: Russian    Subtitles: English

About the film


Not only is Chasing the Dream a film about finding the identity of Russian surfing but about finding a person you are, too. A collective image of the main character reflects on the most acute issues like who we are and where we come from, what love, friendship, motherland, and faith in their broadest terms are.

It was the story of the first Russian surfer that we were looking into to find the answers. We, thus, created the images of a character from the past and the ones in the present to define the DNA of Russian surfing. The film speaks of overcoming difficulties and taking an arduous path. At the same time it celebrates joy, longing for life and freedom against all odds.

The film tells the story of the first surfer of the USSR Nikolay Popov who on finding some drawing in the magazines back in 1961 made his first surfboard and started to surf. The second story shows today’s surfers who travel about Russia chasing the waves, exploring and discovering new spots.

The film was shot in the most amazing, breathtaking and often surprising places like the Black Sea, Dagestan, the Kurils, Kamchatka and Magadan. The story is an accurate reflection of Nikolay Popov’s stories, photos, comments, and corrections.The today’s documentary part was shot in the places where Nikolay had surfed, but in the ones where no other person had ever surfed before, too.


Director and DOP: Konstantin Kokorev
Producer: Sergey Rasshivaev
Creative producer: Daria Khokhlova
Photographers: Tatiana Elisarieva, Mikhail Schegulin
Composer: Denis Kharlashin 
Cast: Ilya Durov, Stanislav Alekseev, Valery Rasshivaev, Irina Ilyina, Fedor Makovetsky, Vladimir Eremin
Riders: Konstantin Kokorev, Sergey Rasshivaev, Anton Morozov, Egor Stepanizev, Peter Tyushkevich.


Soundtrack by Mumiy Troll, Krec, L`One, Ada, Alyona Elena Alekhina, Bhima Yunusov, Stazhery project, Alexander Zaloopin, Superyunost, Nasledie Bolchevikov, Reka ww, Mikpep.
Music was written for the film by the composer from St. Petersburg: Denis Kharlashin





First feature-length documentary about surfing in Russia. These are the stories of people who live waves. A story about true life and happiness of being free.

Audio: Russian    Subtitles: English

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