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Our generation - is the first one to surf in Russia. We all have a similar story. We tried and learned to surf outside of Russia some 10 years ago. Having surfed in the 5 oceans we realized there are waves we can surf in our own country, too. So, we have traveled the world only to chase our dream at home.

Konstantin Kokorev

Founder of Surf Siberia

Director and DOP / Surfer

Sergey Rasshivaev

Founder of Surf Siberia

Producer / Surfer

In the early 10’s we started looking for surf spots in Russia. We then started shooting films that showed that surfing in Russia is real. A lot of our friends opened surf schools all over the country.

We started Russian Surf Federation, held contests, and made surfing an official sport in our country. We took Russian surfing to international competitions, too. Our films have shown Russia, its people, and waves to the whole world with “Priboi” becoming the most awarded surf film in the world.

To discover new spots and set up the industry from the scratch has become a challenging yet fascinating job for us: to inspire and show that a dream is closer than you think, that all of this is possible in your own country - you just go out there and chase it.

Catching our first waves at home gave us emotions stronger than one can explain. This kind of surfing has got a different taste and sense.

We didn’t know Nikolay Popov’s story, however, we decided to tell it the moment we heard it. It turned out we had a lot in common. It was his story that inspired us to go to the Black Sea and Dagestan, the places he once surfed. As well as the Far East where Nikolay couldn’t get and where no one had ever surfed before. As Nikolay himself admits - you’ve lived my dream. You’ve started the industry of surfing here in Russia. You’ve made it popular here, too.


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